My Thai Girl Relationship Con Story

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My Long Con Story
• The end of April, 2019

Part I: Pattaya

I’m not sure exactly where to begin here, but I guess I’ll start at the beginning: she was a skinny young coyote from Pin-Up. I noticed her right away, but was actually interested more in someone else; however, that other coyote was apparently not bar-finable that night, and introduced me to one of her fellow dancers.

Emmy spoke English surprisingly well for such a young one (she said she was 18), and she was funny, if not a little crazy. After a few LDs for her, and a good amount of liquor for me, I paid the barfine and we went walking back to Aya Boutique, where I was staying, for a ST. I was pretty drunk, and she wasn’t exactly the most sexual-acting bargirl. As a matter of fact, she was joking a lot and didn’t seem to want to screw around too much. But, we ended up having sex. I should mention that her tits were significantly smaller than I thought they would be, because her bra was highly padded. Oh well, lesson learned there, and they were still nice, if not a bit small.

Halfway through it, most likely due to my inebriation, I lost most of my erection. She pulled away from me, literally ripped the condom off of me, and told me to keep fucking her. That had never happened to me before in Thailand, and from what I remember about agogo girls in general, that’s not common practice. Needless to say, I continued fucking her without a condom, but pulled out before the end.

She wasn’t a starfish, but she certainly wasn’t anywhere near the best lay I’d had in Thailand. In fact, she acted a little crazy right from the start of getting naked. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure that we even showered, which also was odd.

She gave me her Line before leaving, and I sent her a message the next day. I didn’t go back to Pin Up the next night, because they wouldn’t let me in! The bouncer outside said that it was full. I even came back a second time, after around an hour, but was sent away yet again! But the day after, which was my last night in Pattaya before going to Bangkok, I went back. You see, I was chatting with her on Line, and she told me to come see her at 9PM. Being a coyote and not a model, I figured that I wouldn’t need to show up earlier as she didn’t seem to be too popular the other night when I was there. Perhaps it was due to her mixed race look, which I found out was part black, part white, and part Thai. She was also definitely not the most attractive girl at Pin Up, and I imagine for any average-looking worker there, it must be very hard to compete with the stunners. So, I waltzed in.

I saw her there on the lap of another farang, and was almost relieved. There were other girls there that I had my eye on, and I wanted to expand my experiences there. One of the other coyotes came up to me, and said that Emmy had to go see her mother. Now, I’m not sure exactly what the deal was, but she left. The gentleman who bought her a lady drink stayed for a few minutes longer, and then left as well. I’m not sure if they were just trying to trick me, or if Emmy really did go visit her mother, but I got a bit suspicious after that point. However, I was enjoying myself in general that night, and as we all know, Pin Up is a fun place to spend a few hours. So I stayed.

It took over an hour and a half, and I was loading up with drink but trying to pace myself. Emmy came back, and went up to me almost immediately. I bought her a drink, but I wasn’t quite on board with a barfine at that moment. I actually bought a lady drink for the girl I was interested in that couldn’t be barfined, and the three of us sort of awkwardly sat next to one another. Except that Emmy sat in the middle of us, trying to keep me away from my original bargirl. She wanted me, and she didn’t want any other girl there getting in the way of that.

I ended up barfining Emmy again, and this time I did it for a LT. It was already around 11, and she wanted to keep drinking. We stayed at Walking Street for a while longer, even going into Shark, where she worked before coming to Pin Up. (Do you ever get that sinking sensation when you have a barfine on your arm, but keep seeing other girls way more attractive than her? That’s how I felt.) For some reason, we ended up going back to Pin Up *again* for a while, before I told her that we were going back to my hotel. Again, her enthusiasm seemed more for partying than me personally.

We got back to Aya Boutique (which didn’t have issues with 18 y/o girls, by the way) but we were both pretty goddamned drunk at that point. She kept being silly and frankly a bit crazy in her behavior, and I barely managed to fuck her. We were about to sleep (or at least, I was) but being a young bar girl, and probably not even getting up until the mid or late afternoon, she wasn’t tired. She furthermore said that she snored a lot, which, who knows if that was true or not? I’m a light sleeper, and long story short, she didn’t end up spending the night with me. And on top of that, I only fucked her once for a LT. The next afternoon, I traveled to Bangkok, and after I sobered up, I started thinking that I got worked over a bit. But she kept messaging me on Line and stayed in Touch with me long after I left Thailand.
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Part II : Back in the USA

I’m not a complete beginner to the P4P scene in Thailand. My first trip there was back in 2011, and I’d been back in 2015 and 2018 as well. I’d never fallen for a bargirl before, and I never planned on doing it. Even long before joining a forum like Pattaya Addicts, I’d already known the general reputation of Thai sex workers, and although I almost always had a blast, I never got emotionally attached to any of them.

But it wasn’t like that with Emmy. The sex we had was really not that good, and her behavior with me in person left a lot to be desired. But she was funny, sweet, and sassy when we chatted on Line. We even video chatted a few times per week. And, she never asked me for any money in over 3 months of chatting with her! The other bar girls that I chatted on Line with in the past inevitably started asking me to send them money only a few days after I got back to America. But Emmy didn’t ask for money at all; she was just happy to chat with me. She went back to Buriram, and while she was with what I imagined was her family (older women in a restaurant with her), we video chatted. Luckily for me, her command of English was better than any bargirl I’d been with previously, so our conversations could be a little more advanced than normal. We didn’t talk every day, but it was often enough that I was decently happy with the situation.

We talked about how she wanted to live in America, as well. I had, even against my own better judgement, fallen for her: hook, line, and sinker. And then I discovered her second Facebook profile, in which she had over 4,000 friends. It also showed that she was in a relationship with a Thai guy who looked around her age. I asked her about it, and she denied it— even after I literally showed her screenshots of her relationship posts! I decided to cut ties, and I stopped talking to her. In hindsight, I should have also blocked her completely out of my life.

Around one month after I stopped talking to her, I got a message on a Facebook page that I have for a business of mine (separate from my regular profile). It was her— even though I’d blocked her on Line and Instagram, she followed me there. I didn’t respond for a few days, but eventually I gave in. A month was enough time for me to stop being angry, apparently. She swore up and down that she never had a Thai boyfriend— that I was just confused, that the young, gangster-looking Thai guy was just a friend and it was a joke, etc. I didn’t really believe her, but I didn’t really care that much either. I told her that she could keep working the clubs and getting customers, but I didn’t want her to have a Thai boyfriend on the side. I didn’t want my money going to someone else, especially not a young dude who was (in hindsight) probably coaching her alongside her mother.

It was around a few days after we started talking again that her first financial request came in. She said that she lived in Pattaya in a house with her mother and younger brother. I asked her to take some photos of the house so I could see what it looked like. She said that she pays 14000 baht every month for the place, and that her mother doesn’t work, nor does her brother. It turned out that she lives in a 3-bedroom house, with 4 air conditioners! One for each bedroom and one for the common area. I saw photos of her brother previously, and so knew when I saw him walking by one day while video chatting that it was indeed him and not a boyfriend. Anyways, you know what happened next: I set up a Transferwise account and, almost unwittingly, became a sponsor.
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Part III: Baht, Lies, the End

Over the course of the end of August through the beginning of October (barely more than 1 month timeframe), I sent her a total of nearly $700 US or around 20500 baht, in four different smaller instances: each time telling myself that *this* time would be the last one. We were talking less regularly than we were before the Facebook incident happened, but as I was effectively sponsoring her now, I figured she’d be more willing to be truthful with me. I was fooling myself into thinking this, but I ignored my gut and kept telling myself that it would be worth it in the end. We talked about getting married, even though she was under the age of majority and would need her mother’s permission. Emmy was excited about me coming to Thailand again at the end of the year, and I was even more excited. She talked about taking a trip to Buriram to meet her extended family. It all sounded fantastic.

For a while, I convinced myself that we would actually get married, and then I’d get a visa and bring home my soon-to-be-19-year-old bride back with me to the States. I’m a guy who just turned 39 a few weeks ago, and have had progressively less luck with American women to the point where I’m not dating at all anymore. And the P4P ladies around my area, well.. let’s just say that they can’t hold a candle to the agogo girls of Walking Street.

That’s around the same time that I joined Pattaya Addicts, too. I still had Thai Friendly on my phone, and still had some Tinder matches from Thailand. I wanted to come see her, but I also felt that my mongering days weren’t behind me yet. After all, I’m still decently young-ish, and the allure of Pattaya was too strong to limit myself just to her. At least, not for the entire trip.

I created an alternative Facebook profile for anonymity reasons, and only then discovered that Emmy had blocked my normal Facebook profile from even seeing one of her profiles. Like a lot of other Thai girls, her profile was completely public. It showed that she was in a relationship (a different guy this time) with a Thai young man. There were tons of posts from her to her boyfriend, and some from her boyfriend to her, almost all with lovey-dovey shit. I took screenshots of all relevant information, and then fumed for a few hours. I sent Emmy a message on Line, asking why she’d blocked me from seeing her Facebook profile. She denied doing it. So then, I asked her if she was in a relationship with a Thai boy. She flat-out denied it as well. Even after sending her the screenshots, she literally denied being in a relationship. I thought to myself, is this girl completely stupid? Does she actually believe that I’d accept her answers, when the truth was there for everyone to see?

She told me that this young guy was not her boyfriend, but a customer. A customer that she met at Shark, where she was working after she left Pin Up. I said, maybe he works at Shark, but a customer? I said, you have lots of Farang customers, why don’t you do the same on Facebook for them? You know, logical stuff. She kept saying that I was her lover, and that he was just a customer. The rose-colored glasses I used to wear had already come off, and I was angry. I told her that she must think I was extremely stupid. I told her that I didn’t want to see her anymore, and that I was going to never talk to her again. I was hurt. I was mad at her, and even moreso, mad at myself. I’m no fool in “regular life”, I told myself.

I had been duped. I had fallen for the long con; the oldest story in the Thai bargirl book. I had given her over 20000 baht, and for what? For her to continuously lie to me. I’m not sure what would have happened if I never discovered her Facebook bullshit, or her other lies. Would I have gone there in December, happy-go-lucky, and had a blast? Would I have been fleeced for all of my money? Would I end up in a broken mess, vowing never to return? I have no idea. All I know is that she’s still in Pattaya, and I want to have fun when I go there in December. I don’t want to run into her if at all possible, but I don’t want to avoid the entirety of Walking Street either.


Why did I write all of this? For one, it’s cathartic. I have a feeling that a number of you gents will understand my situation. I guess I also wrote this as a warning to other Pattaya non-veterans: don’t fall for the professionals. You’ll almost always end up poorer for the experience, literally, and figuratively. While I’m sure there are those among you that have made something like this work, I don’t want to have this sort of experience again. Once was more than enough for me.
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My point of view...

I've known a "few" bar girls (and go-go dancers) over the years. There's an old saying in Pattaya. How can you tell if a bar girl is lying ? Her lips are moving. Having a couple friends that owned beer bars and go-gos, I met a lot of girls (cause I'd hang out at their bars of course). You get to know some of them after awhile, even if you aren't banging them. I also spent a few years renting a Thai apartment and from time to time there'd be some bar girl/go-go dancers living in the same building. I've also watched what they do when the bars close, after you've watched them try their lines on a dozen guys and then at the end of the night little miss "sweet and innocent" hops on the back of her Thai boyfriend's scooter and goes home with him.

I've been in go-gos where a woman was dancing on stage and her daughter was working as the cashier (and her mother let me know that the daughter "was available" if I was interested, knowing full well that I knew the daughter had a Thai boyfriend). I've had women try the "I only work cashier" line before too. All that meant was their barfine was more than the regular dancers/bar girls. But if they didn't want to go with someone they could pretend that they weren't allowed to and that would usually send the guy off looking elsewhere.

I've also had women try the "I only start work bar this week" line as well. What they usually mean is, they only started working "at that bar" that week and may have spend years at another place. (One girl tried to convince me she had only just came to Pattaya because her foreign husband had left her and she had no money, ect, etc. She told me she wanted to go to the Happy A-Go-Go so I took her there. Turns out she knew all the staff by name, having worked there for almost 13 years until she'd snagged "a good one" and got him to marry her. I paid my bin and left her there.)

Another one (at a different place) tried the same line but when you saw her on the pole you'd have thought she was born with it in her hand. Talked to mommasan and sure enough, she had only started working that week - at her bar. She'd spent over 10 years working poles in Bangkok before that though.

I had it worked out at one point. If a bar girl couldn't speak more than "Hansum man" and "buy me drink", then she'd probably been in Pattaya less than a week. If all she could say was "Sexy man I love you too much" or "I not like young boy, I like old man" or "I not like Thai boy, I only like falang" then you knew she'd been there less than a month (and was already getting good at lying). After a month though, they were pretty close to being full "pro" as all their sisters in the bar will have taught them all the tricks to try and squeeze every baht possible out of their customers.

At one club I knew a few of the girls (the old Polo A-Go-Go). One had an older sister (married to a Thai guy) and the younger sister got her a job at her club. I was there her first night - she was shy as **** and would scurry over and stand by me when she wasn't dancing because she knew me (through her sister) and didn't want strangers groping her. A month later and she was working the crowd like a seasoned pro. Saw her again 3 months later and she'd gotten "the boob job" and had an awesome rack (which she insisted I had to examine very up close and personal - no longer even the least bit shy). She was loving the work (and the lifestyle and, of course, the money).

A lot of the girls get to like the "lifestyle" - sleep all day, wake up, go out to eat, shop and go to the salon. Go to the bar/club in the evening and basically dance and drink and party all night. Maybe get lucky and get bar fined and get to go eat at a "falang" restaurant and go shopping and go to a disco (ect ect). Most would prefer to have a single "generous" customer so they don't end up with a bunch of smelly "cheap charlies" but a lot will take what they can get.

There was this one looker at my friend's club back around 2008/09, I forget her knickname but holy <deleted> - if she wasn't getting bar fined 3 times a night it was a bad night ! (Yeah, she'd go S/T, finish up and come back to the bar in civvies and try for another score and if she caught one she'd convince him to pay her barfine even though she wasn't actually working. More money for the bar and for her.) She wasn't doing it because she was forced to. She was doing it because she was making a ton of money. If I recall, she actually didn't like to go L/T because she might not make as much.

I never asked the girls about drugs, but I'd never seen any of them using or heard of it. I read something though that something like 5-10% get hooked on something and have to keep working to support their habits. From the bar owners/managers/mommsans I knew though, they didn't want to have anything to do with any girl that was using. Too many potential problems with the police and too many of them end up stealing to support their habits. And guess where they go when they can't get a job in a go-go/beer bar anymore ? Beach Road.

Lot of times guys will talk about all the sexy women (real ones) down there and I tell them, there's a reason they are there and not working in a bar or a-go-go and it has nothing to do with not liking bar fines or having to "clock in and out" like a regular worker. It's either because she's caught something - or been caught doing something - and can't get a job anywhere else now. Are there some that are "different" ? Sure ! Not every single girl is going to have the same upbringing, the same outlook on life, the same goals and same attitude. The problem is, finding the one that is different. Which gets harder the longer they've been there, up until they are too old to be there. And for every story of someone who found love and are still together, there's probably a hundred the other way around.
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